• New life Improvements vol.1
  • New life Improvements vol.1

    I love finding new ways to spruce myself up and live my “best life”. I dedicated my whole summer to finding new beauty, health and fitness tips. I have compiled a list of the ones I will be doing and I will update you all on if i’ve noticed a difference.

    Increase water intake
    I’ll be the first one to admit I will reach for an iced coffee before a cup of water. I’ve never been a heavy water drinker, but I have seen the benefits on so many people. Some of the benefits include:
    ★ Increase in energy
    ★ Flushes out toxins
    ★ Improves skin complexion

    Obviously, there are many more benefits, but I would really like to know how my body looks and feels after increasing my water intake. I will gradually work my way up to my goal until drinking that much water feels natural to me.

    Dry brushing
    I already knew about dry brushing, but I was always too lazy to do it. Since my goal is to spruce myself up that includes taking time to do the little extra things 🙂 While doing research I also found put about facial dry brushing. I will give both a try, but I have to be super gentle on my face because sometimes I can be a bit rough lol. Dry brushing helps with:
    ★ Cellulite (I don’t have any, but it’s always good to prevent)
    ★ Exfoliation
    ★ Smooth, bright skin

    Facial Rolling
    It’s sorta hard to go shopping without seeing some sort of facial roller, they are everywhere! While facial rolling is not new, it’s very popular right now and has tons of benefits.
    ★ Increase blood circulation
    ★ Reduce puffiness
    ★ Tighten pores

    Another bonus is that there are so many different facial rollers, so there is something for everyone!

    I love a good scrub, but while on bellamocha.com I saw this wonderful tip that I never thought of. Instead of just scrubbing once this technique includes scrub one area 10 times. Get warm water going (not hot) allow your pores to open up, scrub the area, rinse and repeat. I will defiantly be doing this on nights where I have a little bit more time to pamper myself! I also want to start back using my exfoliating gloves, they leave you with the smoothest skin ever!

    Facial steaming
    Just like any other person I love getting a facial. It’s amazing just sitting there while being pampered. When I was younger my mom use to do at home facials on me and she had this amazing facial steamer because she’s a professional. Now that i’m in college I can’t have her do my facials all the time so I decided to buy a facial steamer since I saw so many people using it.

    Until next time!

    XO – Miss.True Class