• How To Build Self-Esteem
  • How To Build Self-Esteem

    How To Build Self-Esteem

    The reason I decided to create this post is that I find self-esteem essential to living a healthy life. Since I’m on a healthy life journey and I’m sure my readers are too I wanted to share some tips that have helped me build and create self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as “psychosocial attributes which emerge in adolescent and are central in fostering identity and personality development. Positive self-esteem entourages adolescents to be in their own values and beliefs and make the right decisions in pressure times” ( Seema and Kumar, 2017).

    1. Find out why you’re having self-esteem issues

    Find out why you’re having self-esteem issues and work on that. You can have self-esteem issues because of physical issues such as weight or hair. Or self-esteem issues can be caused by society, trauma or unresolved issues. The first step involves spending time with yourself and figuring out

    Everyone has negative thoughts or talks down on themselves from time to time. However, when these thoughts start to affect how you view yourself and allow other people to interact with you it becomes an issue. There are a few ways to deal with these negative thoughts. One way to do this is by blocking it out. You can block out these thoughts by not entering them and carrying on with your day. This is extremely hard at first so there are other options. When you start having negative thoughts turn it into something positive. For example, if the thought “I suck and will never have a good life” comes up flip it around by saying “I’m having a rough moment, but this will be the last day. I am working towards a good life and great things will come.” Keeping yourself busy also helps minimize these negative thoughts. When you start having these thoughts remove yourself from the space you’re in and go for walk, journal, meditate, take a breath any healthy habit that will get your mind off of things. Lastly, remember these thoughts are only temporary and not true at all. Think back to a time you felt amazing about yourself and know that you can get that back again.

    Be nice and take care of yourself

    I always feel and act my best when I’m “dolled up”. This includes hair, makeup, nails/toes, nice outfit. This doesn’t have to be full on glam, but looking presentable. Taking care of yourself will still give you confidence when you are feeling bad.

    Do what makes you happy

    Fill your time putting yourself first and doing what brings you joy no matter what anyone says. For example, if you like going to spa start scheduling yourself spa appointments every month. If you like dancing sign up for dancing classes, go to clubs in your city or just have a dance party every night while you’re getting ready for bed.

    Be your own best friend

    Give yourself pep talks, compliments, you can even write notes to yourself. Be in love with yourself and your life. When you’re sad snap into bestie mood. I always tell myself “It’s OK, we’re gonna get through this. You’re a strong girl”

    Think highly of yourself and act highly.

    I don’t care what you don’t like about yourself you carry on with your day like you are that girl! Don’t do things or be around people who bring you down, make you out of character, or make you feel less of yourself. For example if you know being around a particular guy brings your self-esteem down or usually lash out at him remove yourself and limit your time. Obviously, this is easier said than done.

    Learn to say no or “that’s not going to work for me”

    When people are use to using and abusing you it’s really important to start setting up boundaries and doing what works for you. This relates to #6 when you accept things that are less than you it can lower your self-esteem and change you into someone you arent. Know what you you want and don’t be afraid to walk away. This relates to all relationships. Romantic, friendship, business be comfortable telling people no and leave it at that.

    Don’t compare yourself to others.

    Know that you are beautiful, smart, talented and deserve an abundance of happiness. Someone else being pretty or smart does not take away from what you have. There is room for everyone to win. When you feel yourself comparing yourself to other people you can remind yourself “Yeah shes cute, but that doesn’t mean I’m ugly. We’re both cute.

    Be with supportive people.

    Often times people leech on to those with low self esteem so that they can feel like they have power. Don’t let people strain you of your energy. Be with people who want to see you win and want the absoutly best for you. Not those who sorta, kinda want you to win

    Create a safe place

    When you’re feeling down or need a pick me up. Have some quotes, YouTube videos or books ready that you know make you feel good and add value to your life.

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    Untill next time,

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