• Denim X Crystals Rock Paper Scissors unboxing
  • Denim X Crystals Rock Paper Scissors unboxing

    Denim X Crystals Rock Paper Scissors unboxing

    Leo season is finally here, in ten days it will be my birthday. I have been on the hunt for the perfect outfit. Luckily, I came across Rock Paper Scissors and found the perfect addition to complete my two birthday looks, which I will share more about later.

    One of my favorite online sites is Etsy. It is the perfect place to find unique pieces. While browsing, I came across these bling denim jackets. Hand-crafted, unique, and flattering. These gorgeous one of a kind denim jackets are so special, I could not wait to share them with you all.

    Currently, there are four different style options. Those styles are:

    Pictured is the Vintage Levi Fringe Jacket in gold. Pictures do not do this jacket justice. It is a moment that needs to be experienced in person. The denim and bling are what makes this jacket so special.

    When I first opened my package, I was blown away by the denim. This medium weight denim is perfect for all seasons. All of Rock Paper Scissors jackets are made from the highest quality denim and crystals. The iconic Levi brand is known for its quality and durability with all of their denim products. Because of this Rock Paper Scissors jackets are luxe, comfortable, and flattering on every body type. Instead of using the typical “trucker” style denim jacket, the particular jacket used are more appropriate for a woman’s figure.

    I love unique and high-quality pieces that you can not find anywhere else. This jacket is truly a show stopper. This luxury denim brand prides themselves in using high-grade crystals. All of Rock Paper Scissors fringe jackets are made with the highest quality fringe. This means no snagging, missing crystals, or tears. The fringe has a lot of movement and not stiff at all.

    For all custom orders, Swarovski crystals are used. Many other companies use rhinestones which are cheaper and do not offer the same brilliance and quality as Swarovski. These crystals gleam during the day or night without any needed flash or light. The movement that these crystals have is gorgeous resembling stars dancing in the sky.

    As I have mentioned earlier, these jackets are unique and nothing else you can find on the market. They make perfect gifts for the special girl in your life, or you can treat yourself to something you will love forever and ever! Every girl loves denim, fringe, and bling, making this a must-have.

    Everything from Rock Paper Scissors is hand-sewn, ensuring durability and excellent craftsmen ship. The only time another jacket would have to be purchased is if you wanted to add another color to your collection!

    Denim jackets are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. This is the perfect piece to throw on with shorts and top or can be worn with a dress and heels for a night out.

    I must admit this has been one of my best experiences with a company. They pay attention to detail, very prompt with responses, and extremely kind. You rarely find companies that put pride in their work and care about what they are sending to customers.

    I cannot wait to show you all the looks I come up with!

    To shop their Etsy, please visit, RockPaperSissorsJKT also follow them on Instagram @RockPapersScissorsDenim

    Till next time,

    Miss.True Class