DeAnna Wilson is a 21-year-old blogger and Instagram extraordinaire. Misstrueclass.com gives readers a glimpse into DeAnna’s life as she writes and photographs about her favorite topics in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel. DeAnna also has a growing platform on Instagram where majority of her viewers come from.

Ever since I was born I have had an obsession with all things fashion and beauty related.  Before school in the morning I would lock myself in the bathroom and apply my moms makeup and spritz her perfume before running to the bus. When I turned 13 I began practicing makeup more seriously and taking my allowance to the mall to shop every week with friends.I remember waking up early in middle school and begging my mom to put eyelashes on me (which she did.)  As I started high school high heels, hair and makeup became my best friend. (Yes, I was that girl wearing high heels down the hallway)

Now at the age of 21 I am a senior in college studying journalism and business communications I will be graduating in spring of 2019.